FORUMSyncing project folder to a cloud storage service automatically
OmriNach asked 11 months ago

I would like to sync one of my folders in the projects/ directory to a OneDrive folder, so that whenever new files (rather small) appear on the cluster, they would also appear in the OneDrive folder (i.e. without having to rsync to my laptop and then onto OneDrive). Is this possible on Graham? I fiddled with rclone but ran into \’Admin Authorization\’ issues. Is there another solution?

1 Answers
jshleap Staff answered 8 months ago

Hey! Not sure if you still have this issue, but you can try mounting the onedrive to your local machine, and then use sshfs to mount your local mount point to the cluster.

OmriNach replied 8 months ago

Hey, thank you for the suggestion. I just used rsync with the onedrive mount once all the small data files were ready. But your solution is also a good option, I’ll give it a go