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ramaniak Staff asked 3 years ago

How do you assess sequence data for quality?

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jflucier Staff answered 3 years ago

To assess sequence data quality, try using the FASTQC application. Provides you with an html report detailling multiple sequence statistics on the fastq file. 

jstafford replied 3 years ago

Extra side-note: it can be a little hard to look through a gajillion FastQC output files for sample specific issues- you can use MultiQC ( to combine all the output files into one condensed report.

jflucier Staff replied 3 years ago

just tried out multiqc and yes its is a great tool if you have multiple samples to look at QC. Tks Jeff.

nibeh Staff answered 3 years ago

NGSQC is also a popular tool for quality control, and it can be applied to any platform (i.e. not just Illumina reads).