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Genevieve asked 8 months ago

  • Hi, 
    I’m now trying to remove chimera sequences on my data. I’m using Vsearch with the default parameters with the Uchime reference data set and I lost almost all of my sequences (ITS2 fungal sequences) from my sample. Its not normal ?  I’m not familiar with all the setting. Can anyone hepl me ?

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    Emmanuel answered 8 months ago

  • Hi Genevieve,
    If you send me the parameters you used while running Uchime, I may be able to help you.

    Genevieve replied 8 months ago


    thankl finaly I found the solution

    Eloi Mercier Staff replied 8 months ago

    Would you be able to post your solution here please? It might help other users with the same problem.

    Genevieve replied 8 months ago

    Yes of course

    I forgot to specify the Select output formats at the end (–nonchimeras).