FORUMInstallation and Running ExPecto on cedar
Tamar AvShalom asked 2 years ago

Trying to install and run ExPecto ( on cedar. I have followed their installation instructions and used conda to install all the required packages in a separate environment. When I try to run the training script I get the following ImportError and the program halts, any recommendations?
ImportError: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.18′ not found (required by …..)

2 Answers
zhibin Staff answered 2 years ago

What is your OS? It is probably your system is too old.

jrosner Staff answered 2 years ago

Have a look here
and scroll down to the section on “Installing binary packages”, it describes some solutions including a script available on cedar for patching: --path <path> [--add_origin]

give it a try and let us know if this worked!

Tamar AvShalom replied 2 years ago

I have set up a conda environment and this script does not work within it, any suggestions? Outside of the conda environment the script seems to work.

jrosner Staff replied 2 years ago

I consulted with a Compute Canada sysadmin and it seems that conda often causes problems when working on a cluster.
He suggested you submit a ticket by emailing
they’ll be able to help you with this directly.