FORUMCategory: GeneralHow is this different from Biostars and Seqanswers?
ramaniak Staff asked 4 years ago

How is the Canadian bioinformatics help desk different from Biostars and Seqanswers?

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jrosner Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi ramaniak,
While Biostars and Seqanswers are great places to look for help, we offer some additional features that are targeted at the specific needs of the Canadian bioinformatics community. 
1. Compute Canada-centric support
Since we are a Compute Canada initiative, we have the resources to support your queries and can give advice on how to actualize your bioinformatics analysis on Compute Canada systems.
2. One-on-one support
Not all questions can be answered effectively simply by posting on a forum.  If you are a member of a Canadian public research institution, you can request a face-to-face session with one of our experts.  Sometimes you just need someone to talk to 🙂 
3. Dedicated team of bioinformatics professionals
While crowd sourcing is often an efficient method for getting answers, you might not always know who is giving them.  We, on the other hand, are a dedicated team of professional bioinformaticians from across the country working at Compute Canada, the BC Genome Sciences Centre (GSC), and the Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics (C3G)
4. Bilingual support
Whether you’d like to post your question in french or english, our bilingual staff is equipped to respond.
5. HPC Know-How
Theres a huge grey area in the intersection between bioinformatics and HPC linux that’s not always appropriate on traditional bioinformatics forums.  We however, have combined expertise in both of those realms.
Hope that helps