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rdali asked 4 months ago

  • Hello,
    I am starting out with bioinformatics analysis and was wondering if there is a good list of resources for beginners to look into.

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    nibeh Staff answered 4 months ago

  • Hi rdali,
    If you’re looking for a general list of resources, tools, and databases, I think that the Bioinformatics Links Directory will be of great help. All tools are ordered by category. Hope that helps!

    jrosner Staff answered 4 months ago

  • … and if you’re interested in free hands-on workshops or info sessions, you should have a look at the Compute Canada events and training page.
    this will direct you to choose a regional partner — WestGrid, Compute Ontario, etc. — but keep in mind that anyone can register for online workshops regardless of region.
    These sessions range from beginner to expert and cover topics from how to run analysis on a cluster, to visualization, machine learning and more.  

    jrosner Staff replied 4 months ago

    and topics on bioinformatics too… did i forget to mention that? 🙂

    Phillip A Richmond answered 4 months ago

  • I have taught courses on an introduction to Genomic analysis using Compute Canada resources, available here:
    Although this was taught as a guided workshop, all of the materials are available through that website, including lecture slides, problem sets, course exam, etc. It does require access to WestGrid resources, so if you have that then you are set!

    nibeh Staff replied 2 weeks ago

    Good stuff!