FORUMCategory: BioinformaticsFiguring out how to run MAKER on Cedar
sjossey asked 6 months ago

  • I am planning to run maker so started out with
    $ maker -CTL
    makes some files
    $ ls
    _Inline maker_bopts.ctl maker_exe.ctl maker_opts.ctl
    So the file maker_exe.ctl  is supposed to have paths to all the different programs/executable it calls but some of the paths/locations of the executable are not there so how should I go from here. There is quite a few of them that needs to be added I hope I don’t have to install all the missing once
    $ cat maker_exe.ctl

    #—–Location of Executables Used by MAKER/EVALUATOR
    makeblastdb=/cvmfs/ #location of NCBI+ makeblastdb executable
    blastn=/cvmfs/ #location of NCBI+ blastn executable
    blastx=/cvmfs/ #location of NCBI+ blastx executable
    tblastx=/cvmfs/ #location of NCBI+ tblastx executable
    formatdb= #location of NCBI formatdb executable
    blastall= #location of NCBI blastall executable
    xdformat= #location of WUBLAST xdformat executable
    blasta= #location of WUBLAST blasta executable
    RepeatMasker=/cvmfs/ #location of RepeatMasker executable
    exonerate=/cvmfs/ #location of exonerate executable
    #—–Ab-initio Gene Prediction Algorithms
    snap=/cvmfs/ #location of snap executable
    gmhmme3= #location of eukaryotic genemark executable
    gmhmmp= #location of prokaryotic genemark executable
    augustus= #location of augustus executable
    fgenesh= #location of fgenesh executable
    tRNAscan-SE= #location of trnascan executable
    snoscan= #location of snoscan executable
    #—–Other Algorithms
    probuild= #location of probuild executable (required for genemark)
    Hope you can help me with this.

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    Eloi Mercier Staff answered 6 months ago

  • So it seems that despite the warning “Argument “2.53_02” isn’t numeric in numeric”, maker is working.
    I ran it on the test data provided by maker and it run without error.

    Here is what I did:

    Load the modules:
    module load nixpkgs/16.09 gcc/5.4.0 openmpi/2.1.1 maker/2.31.9

    Create the config files:
    maker -CTL

    edit the following line in maker_exe.ctl:
    RepeatMasker=/cvmfs/ #location of RepeatMasker executable

    edit the following lines in maker_opt.ctl:

    Run maker:
    Let me know if this works for you!

    Eloi Mercier Staff answered 6 months ago

  • Hi Sushma,
    could you tell me how you are running it? Are you on your local computer or on one of the Compute Canada server?

    sjossey replied 6 months ago

    I am trying to figure it out on Cedar (Compute Canada)…. On the login node.. scratch folder. I loaded the Maker module

    $ module load nixpkgs/16.09 gcc/5.4.0 openmpi/2.1.1 maker/2.31.9
    $ maker -CTL
    Argument “2.53_02” isn’t numeric in numeric ge (>=) at /cvmfs/ line 1570.

    and makes 4 files and the above error
    _Inline maker_bopts.ctl maker_exe.ctl maker_opts.ctl

    After that I am trying find the path for all of the executable that are there in compute canada in the file maker_exe.ctl as many are blank. The modules for tRNAscan-SE and augustus is there but it is still blank and I am not sure if the rest are there or not

    Eloi Mercier Staff replied 6 months ago

    It looks like an issue similar to what you had with BUSCO. The tool has been installed but not properly configured.
    While I could find a similar workaround, it would be preferable to contact Compute Canada ( so they can configure it properly for all users.


    sjossey replied 6 months ago

    I will surely send an email to Compute Canada and hope it gets properly configured

    Eloi Mercier Staff replied 6 months ago

    I’ve seen you haven’t had an answer from CC yet. That’s unfortunate.
    I’ll see what I can do.


    sjossey replied 6 months ago

    I have not heard from CC indeed. Thank you very much for checking.

    sjossey answered 6 months ago

  • Great! That worked for me too…so apparently I don’t need to configure it just pulls up what it requires.
    Thank you very much,