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jrosner Staff asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone and welcome to our helpdesk forum!  We hope that this will be a valuable resource for all of you moving forward.
With that said, this is the first in a series of discussion threads that we’ll be posting, so let’s kick this off with a discussion on “Bioinformatics Training”
So what about it? Well, here are some thoughts to get things started:

  • Is there some particular training you’d like to have? 
  • Perhaps there’s a recent course you recently took and would like to recommend?
  • Want to learn R? Python? or perhaps how to run a bioinformatics pipeline on a Compute Canada supercomputer?
  • Or maybe you just want to see what other people are interested in. 

If any of these apply to you, then please go ahead and post right here in this thread.
Finally, as an added bonus, if there is a consensus on a particular topic, we can work to make it happen… online… and free (because free is the best kind).
So let the discussion begin!!!
The CBH Team

Karen Gonçalves replied 3 years ago

I would like to learn Python. Also it would be good to have advanced courses on bioinformatics on Compute Canada supercomputers and in R.

jrosner Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks for your post Karen, we have been running an online bioinformatics training series through our western Canadian partner WestGrid. The next one is more of a seminar (Detecting Structural Variants), but we have plans to provide a multi-part workshop for running bioinformatics pipelines on Compute Canada systems. Keep an eye on our training page ( for news on that. We usually provide local, on-site training for R and Python as a part of our Software Carpentry initiative, but we can look into providing those online as well.

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kdillmcfarland answered 3 years ago

For anyone that finds it useful, below are some of the many training opportunities I’ve pursued in my career. As a microbiologist, we don’t get much data science in courses, even in graduate school, so it’s very “on your own”. I’m excited to see this community forming so that not everyone is stuck out in the desert!

  • ECOSCOPE R and other workshops at the U. of British Columbia (shameless self-plug for the program I am a part of)
    • Including a Compute Canada workshop coming up in March
  • The Carpentries (Data, Software) with free workshops all over the world including Unix, Git, Python, R, MATLAB
  • Codecademy, DataCamp, and edX for learning many different languages fully online and at your own pace