Molecular visualization with VMD

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    Wed, 06 March 2019
    10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
    Online / Free

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    VMD is a molecular visualization program for displaying, animating, and analyzing large biomolecular systems using 3-D graphics and built-in scripting.

    It provides a wide variety of methods for rendering and coloring a molecule: simple points and lines, CPK spheres and cylinders, licorice bonds, backbone tubes and ribbons, cartoon drawings, and others. VMD can also be used to animate and analyze the trajectory of a molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. In particular, VMD can act as a graphical front end for an external MD program by displaying and animating a molecule undergoing simulation on a remote computer.

    This webinar will take a brief introductory overview of some of the basic features and capabilities of VMD for molecular visualization.



    Dmitri Rozmanov, Data Scientist, University of Calgary

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